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Our Vision    

Today’s poor is tomorrow’s middle class.

Our vision is to empower the “missing middle” with choices for affordable habitation and essential lifestyle services. 

This is not only a significant business opportunity, but also a social responsibility for the inheritors of our Earth.


In emerging markets, the “missing middle” -- the lower to moderate income segments of the social economic pyramid – is the group that perhaps has the greatest potential to influence the direction of civil society and the sustainability of our planet. By sheer size alone, they comprise the majority of the population in most transitioning economies.  Standing at the fulcrum point between the extreme rich and the extreme poor, they thus have the capacity to serve both as the growth engine and stabilizing force for civil society.

However, the “missing middle” is underserved:  There is a lack of access to appropriate products and services that meet the aspirations of this group of humanity.  At the same time, the world is facing overall constraints on natural resources availability.   As the economies of developing markets become increasingly integrated into the global market, resource allocation is not being distributed evenly. While product and service providers focus on serving the upper middle and higher income categories, the “missing middle” is not adequately being addressed.    Supporting the “missing middle” with increased options for affordable living will help facilitate the evolution of a stable middle class as well as provide a sustainable “life track” for those seeking to rise out of poverty.

Planet Habitat focuses on the unmet demands of today’s “missing middle” where significant growth potential resides. Through our targeted investment and advisory services, we aim to help move the fulcrum of society so that millions of people are moved out of poverty while also respecting our planet.

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