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Cockroach Club Football Tournament (coming soon; Nairobi, Kenya)
The Cockroach Club will be hosting its first youth football (aka “soccer” for you American readers!) tournament in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Cockroach Club has been in existence for over four years through the “Step-to-Step” inspirational radio program that auirs weekly from the slums of Kibera.  Currently, the program has over 2 million followers.  Planet Habitat’s Managing Principal Helen Ng and Step-toStep’s Gabriel Kadidi are the co-founders of the Cockroach Club.
Stay tuned!


Magic Bus Fundraiser (Tuesday, April 3, 2012; New York)
Magic Bus recently hosted a fundraiser in New York to continue its work with improving the lives of marginalized youth in India.  Planet Habitat’s Managing Principal Helen Ng served as a committee member. 

Magic Bus is an Indian non-profit that gives marginalized children and youth the one thing they lack the most: an opportunity to succeed and create a better life for themselves. Started 12 years ago in the Mumbai slums as a sports development organization, the program today reaches 200,000 children across India, with a goal of reaching 1,000,000 children in 10 Indian states by 2015.


CEO Trust:  Leadership Lessons (Wednesday, March 21, 2012; New York)
Managing Principal Helen Ng chaired the program “What CEOs Can Learn from the Military:  Leadership and Great Teams in Times of Crisis” at the architecturally award-winning Marine One Firehouse. Fire Department of New York Commissioner Salvatore Cassano and and author Benjamin Patton (www.growinguppatton.com) were guest speakers.

Special thanks to supporters, including CEO Trust, FDNY Foundation, Patton Stiftung Sustainable Trust, Penguin Group, Fred George Worldwide, and the King Restaurant.


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